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The QTS Assessment Only Route is designed for graduates employed as an unqualified teacher with considerable experience of teaching in at least two schools or settings.

For applicants already employed in a school, the below criteria can be used to check compliance for this route.

Do you have?

If any of the boxes are unticked, then you are not fully compliant for the assessment only route. If all of the boxes are ticked, then please read the additional information below.

Eligibility Criteria

Those who wish to gain the qualification through the Assessment Only Route might include very experienced graduate teachers without QTS who have experience of teaching the across the required age and ability ranges in two schools/settings, and fit the following criteria.

what is the assessment only process?

  1. The candidate should discuss the route and fees with their Head Teacher.

  2. Ensure that all of the criteria is met and evidenced by original documentation.

  3. Complete pre-application form.

  4. Prepare the evidence portfolio and evidence trail prior to visit 1.

  5. Complete full application form.

  6. If application is successful, visit 1 will be arranged.

  7. First payment to NMITTP.

  8. A decision is made about whether to continue or delay and a conclusion as to whether an interim support visit is needed is decided.

  9. Visit 2 - final assessment day.

  10. Final payment paid to NMITTP.

  11. The candidate is recommended for QTS.

what does the pre-application process looks like?

A candidate should discuss the route and fees with their Head Teacher.

school agrees to proceed

If the school does not agree to fund the process, a candidate can finance the route themselves with the support of the Head Teacher.

ensure that all of the eligibility criteria is met and evidenced by original documentation

If this is not in place, please do not apply until it is.

All of the eligibility criteria is met and evidenced by original documentation

Complete application.


If the application is accepted, then the first assessment day will be arranged. 


The first payment is due after this visit.

how much does the AO route cost?

Preliminary assessment

*(Optional) Application assessment and evidence advice (£250)

This cost will be added onto the £1000 charged for the first visit.

1st Visit

Initial Assessment Visit (£1000)

Note: You will still be charged the total amount of £1000 for the first visit, even if teaching & evidence is judged to be not up to the required standard and you have not taken the opportunity to complete a preliminary assessment.

Interim Visit

Decision made by NMTTP (£250)

Second Visit

Final Assessment Visit (£1000)

Extra Information

  • The maximum fee NMITTP will charge you is £2,500 which would include the preliminary assessment & evidence advice; interim visit; 1st assessment and 2nd assessment fees. *(not including assessor travel expenses)

  • Cost for assessment visits 1 and 2 and either a preliminary assessment or an interim visit is £2250 *(not including assessor travel expenses)

  • The minimum you will pay is £2000, this is both assessment visits 1 and 2 which is compulsory for QTS to be awarded. *(not including assessor travel expenses)


It should be noted that there is no Government funding to support the Assessment Only Route.

*Disclaimer* - There will be additional assessor travel and expenses incurred, paid by the candidate or employing school for candidates teaching in a school outside a 100 mile radius of North Manchester Initial Teacher Partnership.

AO Documents


Assessment Only Route - Introduction


Supporting Statement Guidance


NMITTP Assessment Only Application Form


Needs, Analysis and Evaluation


Assessment only - Initial Visit Evidence Trail





Assessment Only Handbooks

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