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Interview Tips

The interview process will consist of:

  • An observed lesson​

  • A written exercise

  • Formal interview

  • Subject Knowledge

  • For salaried candidates they will complete an additional planning task.


In order to prepare for your interview session, we’ve pulled together the following tips which should help you be successful:


  • Be prepared! Give yourself ample time to prepare for the interview and show how organised you are!

  • You will have been given a brief for your observed lesson:

  1. Make sure your lesson is tailored to the year group

  2. Practice it – is it coherent with a beginning, middle and an end? Does it fit in the time provided?

  3. Is it engaging? Will it keep everyone’s attention?

  4. Is your lesson aimed at all skill levels, how will you clarify understanding for children who might not grasp it immediately?

  • Prepare some responses for potential questions at the interview.

Demonstrate using the STAR technique your understanding of the key competencies (see Application Tips), entry requirements and also your experiences within a classroom setting:

  1. Draw upon your observations from your School Experience Days

  2. The subject in which you are looking to teach

  3.  Examples of when you have communicated effectively (and on the flipside, not so effectively)

  4. When you have worked as a team, what was your contribution?

  5. Experiences of thinking “outside of the box” or making suggestions to change processes for the better. Your ideas and how you came to put them forward

  6. Your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher

  7. What qualities will you bring to the training and ultimately to make you an excellent teacher?

Research the training and the SCITT – be prepared to explain your understanding of these during the interview

Review your application form and be prepared to expand on any points

Consider any questions to ask at the end of the interview, it shows genuine interest in the training and information discussed at the interview

And finally… Relax, this is an opportunity for the panel to get to know you better and understand how your skills and experience will make you the ideal trainee. If you are prepared, this will calm your nerves and help you deliver successfully during your observed lesson and interview
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