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Outstanding qts Results 2019

We are proud to announce our QTS results and they are fantastic!

We are very grateful for the hard work and dedication of our partner schools, mentors, professional mentors, and staff; whose support has been crucial in achieving these results and our goal of producing outstanding teachers for our children, as our trainees are now moving onto employment at schools within Manchester and Salford.

Keep checking our website as we will be providing further updates and videos, which will allow you to get  a feel for what it is like to be a trainee. 


  • We provide a pathway for schools to develop existing staff by providing the salaried route to teaching

  • A range of free or very cost effective professional development opportunities are offered throughout the year including: Behaviour training, Positive Handling ‘Team Teach’ accredited training, pathways to leadership and subject knowledge enhancement.

  • Your trainee will train in your school for the majority of the academic year (Monday-Thursday) enabling a positive relationship to develop between school and trainee. Each trainee will do a second placement in a contrasting school spring half term 1.

  • All schools are involved in every aspect of training, from application, interview, training to recommendation of QTS. Mentors attend half termly meetings and training and headteacher are invited to half termly to strategic board.

  • Opportunity to employ your trainee - the large majority of trainees are currently employed by their training school or a current partnership school. In our recent Ofsted report both of MCPA’S NMITTP NQTs received very positive feedback.

  • Opportunity to be involved in focus groups; for 2020/21  - mentoring, primary – developing cluster provision

Interested in becoming a Partner?

Then please do contact Jan on 0161 202 8989  or

course objectives

The subject knowledge component of the programme will run throughout the year in conjunction with the professional studies programme. This element will reinforce the overall aims of the programme and in particular the subject knowledge component will enable trainees to:

  • develop an appreciation of the place and role of the subject within the Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculums.

  • develop an appreciation of the national agenda and how the role of classroom teacher can enhance this at the local level.

  • become familiar with the statutory curricula, frameworks and specifications, particularly with reference to the trainee’s specialism within Key Stage 4 and Post 16 pathways.

  • gain an understanding of the ways that students learn and develop a variety of learning and teaching approaches to support students in achieving their potential within the subject area.

  • plan, prepare and put into practice appropriate units of work and lesson plans.

  • develop a range of evaluation and reflection skills to allow trainees to take a reflective approach to their teaching.

  • develop and implement a range of assessment for learning strategies within the subject area.prepare students at all levels for assessment at Key Stages 3 and 4.

  • become confident and competent to engage in the professional role and responsibilities of the class teacher.

Trainees may also be expected to engage in and complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course to run prior to and parallel with the ITT programme course. This course will complement and enhance the learning with regards to subject knowledge. Each course will be personalised and tailored to individual trainees.

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