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Research Impact Study

This year, NMITTP have introduced a Research Impact Study, led by Rebekah Hawthornthwaite, Assistant Principal at Manchester Communication Academy and Assistant Director of Manchester Communication Research School. The Impact Study is designed to support trainees to engage critically with educational research in order to give them to tools to independently continue their own professional development in their NQT year and beyond.

Each trainee selected a focus for their research project. The options were:

Dual Coding

Retrieval Practice

Hinge Questioning

The project provided the ITTs with the opportunity to read and discuss educational research on their focus area, implement a strategy with a chosen class and to reflect and make amendments after feedback from their learning community.

On 28th May, we hosted a Research Impact Study Presentation Day. The ITTs had the chance to share their reflections and findings with their mentors and staff from our partner schools. There were some fantastic presentations and some great, interactive stations. Thanks to our dedicated ITTs, the day was a great success!


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