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Our Primary Salaried Programme runs for one academic year on a full time basis.  This programme differs to the Primary Training Route as applicants must be employed by a supporting school. Potential candidates must also have a minimum of three year’s vocational experience, either within education or an industry, at the time of applying.


The programme is designed so that trainees spend four days of the week in their host school, with the final day of the week at the NMITTP base for their Professional Studies sessions.  Trainees must have prior experience of planning and delivering sessions as they will begin teaching a 50 per cent timetable from the onset of the programme.


Every trainee will be assigned a school based mentor, who will meet with them weekly, conduct observations, give feedback and support their progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards.


During Term 2, trainees complete a six week second placement in a contrasting school setting.


This route is ideal for candidates who have significant experience within schools and who are equipped to start teaching in September 2021


From September 2020 all trainees who opt for a primary route can follow one of two courses: 

age range 3-7

This course enables trainees to specialise in Early Years and Key Stage 1 and school placements will be within these age phases.

age range 5-11

This course enables trainees to specialise in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and school placements will be within these age phases. 


At the end of the Primary Salaried Route Programme, trainees are assessed against the Teachers’ Standards.  They will present, to the NMITTP panel, their best evidence against each of the standards and if successful, will be awarded QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

OPTIONAL qualification: pgcert (SCITT)

Salaried trainees have the option to self-fund and complete a PGCERT (SCITT) with Manchester Metropolitan University.  This Level 7 qualification is the equivalent to a third of a Master’s Degree and these credits can be used to gain a full Master’s Degree.  Trainees will complete assignments which are based around their own experiences within the classroom and will develop their reflective skills and improve teaching and learning.


To be eligible for the PGCERT (SCITT), trainees must have 320 credits from an honours degree.  Trainees who are not eligible for the PGCERT (SCITT) are still able to complete the QTS qualification at a reduced fee.



Salaried trainees are employed by their supporting school and paid a salary as an unqualified teacher for the whole academic year in which they are training.  Because of this, salaried route trainees do not pay any tuition fees.

eligibility criteria

*Please note that although you may come to us with a supported school, the interview process is not a guarantee of a place on our course*

frequently asked questions

Please click here for frequently asked questions about the primary salaried route.

If you fit the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying, then please click here and type North Manchester ITT partnership into the find toolbar.

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